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Related Posts Plugin For Blogger

One of the best ways to keep your visitors on your blog longer is to provide related content to the topic your visitor is reading. If you’re using blogger or blogspot then there is a great plugin you can use to provide related posts to the current topic on your post pages. It is super easy to install and works smoothly with any template. In fact I have modified the script and use it on my own blogspot so it works even better. You can see examples of it on this blog. To use the related posts plugin just following these instructions:

1) Download the code to put into the template at Media Fire , it is a simple text file.

2) Next sign into blogger and click on Layout then click on edit HTML and check mark the “Expand Widgets Templates” box.

3) Find the line in the template that looks like this:

Now just copy and paste the code right after that line and click “Save Template”.

And now your blog has become a hub of related articles. Some things to keep in mind about this script though, are that it uses the label system in blogger so it will show any posts that have the same labels. You can find the original script that was designed at .

For SEO purposes I would suggest to not display the labels on the post pages, since search engines don’t like duplicate content. Just find and erase the line in your template that looks like this:

Now that you have that done you're all set to go.


Anonymous said...

Thank you this helped inform us at United Cerebral Palsy to make our blog better.

By the way, do you know how to get "Related Posts" to show up on each post regardless if you are on the post's permalinked page or just the general page or home page of the blog? I think that showing related posts at all times will drive readers deeper into the blog. Would you know how to do this within the code you provided?

Really appreciate you putting this out there.

Krisna said...

thanks, it works for me

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