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SEO or also known as search engine optimization is very important for every internet business to use. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to shady SEO firms you can easily do your own search engine optimization and save money.

First of all you should know that we will never know the exact formula for getting the number one position in every search engine. For instance Google and Yahoo change their algorithm all the time so that webmasters have to keep guessing. But there are some methods you can implement that all search engines like and will give you a good chance of getting top positions in most search engines.

Here are some common SEO FAQ:

How should my website be designed?

First of all we will discuss the right way of designing your website. The most important part of SEO web design is to have a unique template. Also in your web design you should not have frames, flash animation, or bad coding. It is very hard for search engine spiders to read web pages like that. To check to see if there are any errors in your HTML coding just do a search for “check html coding” at Google. Another thing to keep in mind is that HTML coding reads from left to right. So if you have your navigation menu on the left side then that is what search engines will read first. The search engines like to see keyword rich content at the very start of your web page. So you should have your navigation menu on the right side. Make sure to include your keywords in any images you have on your site by use of alt tags.

How should I manage my site using search engine optimization?

Now for how to manage your web site using SEO. You should have each page on your site use a different title, description, and keywords in your Meta tags. Every page on your site should be linked to internally using the full URL. You can do this easily with using a Sitemap on your website or blog. It can’t be stressed enough that you should not have any duplicate content on your site. Search engines and especially Google hates any site that has the same content as another site or has duplicate content on the same website. They also love sites that always have fresh unique content. So try to update your blog or site regularly.

What kind of domain name should I get?

Now for the actual domain name. Just make sure that you have a straight domain name with no hyphens or funny looking characters like this: % $ & ?. Usually most blog platforms have these types of characters in them, but you can easily get SEO plugins to help with your blog URLs.

Do links matter in SEO?

Now we will talk about doing off site SEO. All search engines to a varying degree place emphasis on the amount of sites linking to your website. So one of your goals should be to get as sites as you can to link to you. Search engines like it better if you are not linking to the same site that is linking to you, so doing link exchanges is a bad idea. Also when getting one way backlinks try to get high authority sites that reside on different hosts with different IP addresses. The actual text in your Anchor links or the links that point to your site should not be the same. Search engines like it if the anchor text pointing to your site has a lot of variety.

If you take the time to implement these strategies into your SEO then you will not regret it. Just try doing a few of these suggestions and you will be surprised by the results.


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