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Distasteful Marketing For The Batman Movie

OK well I have just seen the new Batman movie that just came out called The Dark Knight. I can say that the movie itself was great, but the marketing for it left a bad taste in my mouth. Let me explain.

When I first walked into the theater all I saw was posters and cut outs all advertising the Joker. You might have thought that this movie was all about the Joker because no where did I see a picture of Batman which was odd because the movie is named after him. But just because there is a lot of attention on Heath Ledgers untimely death, the studios decided to market the Batman movie using the Joker as played by Heath Ledger. He was a fellow human being and he and his family deserves respect for his death. But the studios are cheapening his death by using him just to boost their box office profits. That in my opinion is a prime example of distasteful and immoral marketing.

In the Internet marketing community I see from time to time the same kind of marketing that is just not right. As Internet marketers we share the responsibility to promote products that will benefit the consumer and promote it in a tasteful way. One example that I feel is immoral is outright lying about a product review when you have never even tried the product. Or another example is promoting products or services that will hurt the consumer, such as gambling sites, matrix sites, or anything else that just has people throw away their money. I am sick and tired of Internet scams and I hate the scumbags that promote them! I know that might sound harsh but I know that a lot of you probably feel the same.