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An Honest Google Nemesis Review

Ok so you probably seen Google Nemesis advertised everywhere you go on the internet right? Or at least it seems that way.

So I decided to break down and see what all the hoopla was about and buy it. And guess what I found? I found out that it just wasn't for me and I promptly asked for my money back.

On a positive note Google Nemesis is excellent at tracking keywords for PPC campaigns. So if you are a heavy PPC advertiser promoting affiliate products and spend $1000 or more on PPC campaigns then you should buy it. With Google Nemesis you can create web pages with ease and it is linked with your Adwords account to automatically track the keywords used for people finding and clicking on your web page. It also is very good at analyzing at which keywords are profitable and which are not. So those are the good things, but ..............

Here are some things Google Nemesis will not do automatically for you. It will not write hot sales copy for you to sell your stuff. It will not tell you which products to promote. And it will not do the keyword research for you. All of those things are up to you as a marketer to do.

I personally don't focus on PPC advertising so this product wasn't for me. And as you have noticed I am not posting an affiliate link for Google Nemisis because I am not writing in this blog to make money, I just want all of you to get the truth. Please feel free to comment and check back from time to time. Thanks for reading.