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How My Blog Got Listed In Google Within 24 Hours

How to Get Listed in Google in 24 Hours

So when you first start a new website your goal is to get listed in the search engines. As far as search engines go, Google is the undisputed leader. Sometimes though new websites have to wait months and months to be listed in Google. I just started this blog recently and it was already listed in Google within 24 hours of when I created it and I am going to tell you exactly how I did it. So you can do it too.

The first step is to make your blog and write your first post. Make sure that your first post is unique and not copied from somewhere else. Also make sure that your first post is at least 300 words long. Next start an account at technorati and claim your blog. Then submit your first post as an article to and make sure that you have pinged your blog at a pinging service such as Ping-O-Matic. Once you have done those things then you should get listed in Google in 24 hours. Of course there is one more step I take just for good measure.

Another step I take is to do a search on technorati for blogs that are related to my blog that have authority of 300 or more. Then I start making comments on those blogs. Now keep in mind that most Wordpress blogs will have the no follow tag in the comments, so try to find non Wordpress blogs to write comments on.

Ok well that’s it. Easy right? Anyone can do this so please don’t be fooled and pay for someone to submit your site to Google. And if you have paid for a submission service then ask for your money back.


Jordan Williams said...

I just wanted to add that you can search for blogs to comment on without the no follow tags at

Anonymous said...

you can also search for blogs with do follow turned on at

static brain said...

Anonymous was me. I can't believe I forgot to fill in the url field LOL

annmike43 said...

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