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Should You Choose Wordpress Or Blogger?

There are many choices when it comes to blogging software and platforms. The two most popular choices today are either wordpress or Google’s blogger. As you have seen by my blog, I have chosen blogger or also known as blogspot. Both choices have their positives and negatives and it just boils down to what your goal is with your blog. I will cover the benefits of both.

Lets first talk about blogspot. Google’s blogger platform is really the best for beginners. To start a blog with them is very easy and takes no technical skill whatsoever. You simply start a free account with them and choose a premade template and boom you can start blogging. Blogger is really made for the casual blogger although your personal blog page can handle unlimited traffic. Of course for serious bloggers there are some problems to overcome. For instance it is hard to make your blog search engine optimized so search engines can find it. It is not impossible though because there are several ways you can modify your blogger account to be search engine friendly which takes some work. In fact I will be talking about specific ways to implement SEO into blogger in another post. Another problem with blogger is that there aren’t as many choices for widgets and plugins to put in your blog as there are for Wordpress. So all in all blogger is a good choice if you’re just a casual blogger on a tight budget and would like to start blogging for free.

Wordpress is another popular choice. You can either choose to use it for free at or just upload their software to your own domain and host it yourself at If you want to use Wordpress then you should really host it yourself because there are several limitations if you let them host it for you. For instance if they host it for you then you cannot use Adsense on your site and you are limited to the affiliate programs you can use. So the point is if you want to start a blog that is hosted for you then you should just use Google’s blogger.

Now on the other hand if you are planning on building a successful online business then you should definitely choose Wordpress and host it on your own domain. There are many benefits to an internet business for doing it this way. For instance it is fairly easy to make Wordpress search engine friendly and there are many plugins for it that will enhance your visitor’s experience. There are some draw backs though too. You will have to invest some money into it, such as paying for web hosting and having it installed. If you are not particularly tech savvy then installing Wordpress and modifying it can be a challenge. For me when I need to modify a site that has Wordpress I just hire a freelance programmer and you can hire them at good rates if you do a search at Google. So in summary if you serious about starting a real online business using blogs then choose Wordpress and host it on your own domain.


Germz said...

Wordpress. I hate blogger because the layouts are usually horrible and the way people post comments is annoying.

static brain said...

I hate blogger because of the lack of control over ads, and the way that some peoples sites are deleted without warning. I had a friend whose site was a photo blog and blogspot marked it as spam and deleted it, with no warning, no chance to defend it or anything. To me thats unconscionable.

Kristofer Mcginty said...

Your social presence and moderation is badly needed, whatever platform you'll be using. Both platforms are good for first time bloggers. However, they have to know the widgets they have. I actually use these two platforms and it took me a lot of time to learn about their features. About optimizing, it's better to work with professionals to increase your page rank.