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Advertise On TV With Google Adwords

About 2 months ago Google announced that you can now use Adwords to advertise on TV. You can find out all the information at: and I would suggest you sign up for the webinar and take a look at the “Getting Started” section. This has been in beta for over a year but now is open to all advertisers. Long Ellis is in charge of this project for Google who has a good track record. The real question for Internet marketers though is “Is Google TV Ads cost effective for web site promotion?”

Right now Google’s TV ads can be shown to Dish Network’s 14,000 subscribers, but they are working on expanding their distribution. The good news for Internet marketers is that you can link your TV ads with your website and track in real time how effective your advertising is. Also you have a lot of power to select which channels, what area, and what time to show your ads. Google TV Ads is still very new so not many advertisers have signed up for it yet which means right now there is very little competition. With low competition means low bids, so now is the time to buy TV advertising that is probably the lowest you will find. Of course as time goes on the price for Google TV ads will go up and then you might want to search elsewhere to broadcast your TV ads.