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How To Use Emotion In Video Marketing

I just seen a video on You Tube that is just awesome! I can't really describe it so you will just have to watch it below:

This video is about Christian the Lion and touched my heart as I'm sure it touched yours. This video has been watched over 3 million times. Can you imagine making a video and having it seen by 3 million people in just a short amount of time? If you can move people with your marketing videos like this did then you could be very popular.

Using video on a web site is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Using video on your site can dramatically increase your sales. But how can you tap into using video to move people emotionally about your product or service?

One way is by using case studies documented by video. We all know how powerful using a real life case study can be to promote your product. But having a potential customer really see this person in video and see with their own eyes how their life changes by using your product or service can be so much better. Imagine if you had a weight loss product and could document with video how a person lost a 100 pounds or more using your product. When a visitor sees this video and comes to know this case study as a real person and sees just how much you helped them well what do you think will happen? You guessed it. Of course if they have a weight problem they will buy your product. And if you release it on a site such as You Tube you will get potentially millions of people seeing your product.

Another way is instead of using plain old testimonials why not use video. Try recording in video of customers giving their testimonial. That can be way more powerful because the website visitor gets to see for themselves just how sincere and happy your customers are.

This is just a couple of Internet marketing tips that are proven to boost website sales.


Ann Carol said...

How to use the emotion in the video marketing is very informative and effective one.Keep update more things in the blog.

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